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In addition to making an impact by writing monthly reports, we would also like to make a direct impact in the community by initiating writing-based projects as a team. The team will also include a passionate group of SBTS ambassadors to help our projects come to life and become as effective as possible. 


Cards for Hope

"Cards for Hope" is a project initiated to spread hope and kindness within a school community. With academics and extracurriculars being very rigorous in a lot of schools, it is important to remind students to remember that grades and academic or extracurricular accomplishments don’t define them. Instead, they matter! Additionally, we would like to use these cards as a way to show appreciation for teachers’ hard work and effort in consistently transforming the future for our students despite the unfortunate COVID-19 situations. Furthermore, without the school staff, the day to day activities carried out in school will not be possible, and we hope that cards will give them the recognition they deserve. We hope that these cards will bring a beacon of hope to everybody in the school community, regardless if they are a student, teacher, or staff. 

Impact till now:
800+ Cards Made
400+ Students Involved

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