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Stories Behind The Story 

In order to create a direct impact on the causes we advocate for, we are planning on initiating writing-based projects. Therefore, we want to bring together a passionate team of SBTS Ambassadors to help our projects come to life and become as effective as possible.

Sign up form:

Roles of an SBTS Ambassador include: 

-Embodying the vision and mission for SBTS when doing any work, whether it be advocacy or project planning.

-Involved in the decision making of what projects will be carried forward. (connections, and creativity are great!)

-Assist in the development of projects. (includes comms, logistics, and hands on work)

-Advertise our projects on our social media pages, your school communities, local community, families, and friends etc. 

-Donate for our fundraisers.

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hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Important details:

-Being an ambassador is not a full-time commitment, you can pick up projects that fit in your schedule. 

-If you provide promising contributions to the team, you may become part of our executive SBTS Team in the future, where you’ll gain access to leadership roles, writing opportunities and more. 

-It is also a great opportunity to gain experience for the future, and can also be mentioned in the resume when applying for universities and jobs.

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