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About us

A story can never be shared enough!

We are a student-led, non-profit writing/advocacy  platform taking small steps to make a big change by:

-Posting monthly reports consisting of several different stories to raise awareness on many different causes. 

-Releasing monthly trivia regarding the stories shared.

-Posting weekly informative "Short Posts" onto our social media sites to advocate for recent issues, important days and more 

-Initiating writing-based projects to directly combat the causes we advocate for. 

As well as much more!


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Goal 2.png
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Our Mission

Our Vision

Creating global awareness and making an  impact on the most relevant issues society faces today.

New Flowers

Our Mission

Increasing awareness about global issues by publishing well-researched reports, initiating writing-based projects to directly combat causes, and more. We aim to inspire individuals to bring out the stories behind their own story.  

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